​Burningbliss Project Phoenix (BBPP) is a Canadian philanthropic not for profit initiative created in 2013 by survivor Sonia Harry (aka Mz.Bliss). Sonia supports survivors of domestic violence by providing her services of painting shelters, private homes, and additional support in a time of crisis. With the support of her socialite VP Tamara Annis an established artist, her dedicated painting partner Treasurer Kiran Mistry, her resourceful Secretary Natalie Francis, her committed Security from Anthony Bromfield, her Encouragement from Michael Bennett and Mz.Bliss’ own tenacity even when painting alone they continue as a tribe to offer hands-on help in the aftermath of domestic violence. We believe igniting a survivor’s drive by improving the state of her/his home is an invaluable aspect that survivors need and appreciate. #Painthope.

We are not counselors and do not provide shelter or financial support. All the paint and immediate needs are generously provided by friends, family, and the community whom attend Burningbliss’ annual domestic violence awareness fundraising events. A pay it forward system. Mz.Bliss host’s an annual Volleyball Tournament, Carwash, Secret Santa Drive, and an Awareness Anniversary Event with live painting and entertainment.

Unity with the community is how we make change.

If, you’d like to volunteer or join us on our mission please connect through the contact page.

If, you are experiencing abuse and need immediate assistance please contact your local police 911

211 - Ontario community and Social Services which provide support in connecting with services/information when dealing with life challenges.

www.sheltersafe.ca - an online resource for women and their children seeking safety from violence. 


Sonia Harry President/Founder

Tamara Annis 

Vice President


Treasurer: Kiran Mistry
Security: Anthony Bromfield
Support: Michael Bennett